Unemployment is a common problem in many countries all over the world. Even though a number of people in this category have valuable knowledge and skills, they’re just unable to find a job that pays for them. Whether you’re totally unemployed or planning to switch jobs, we have a few recommendations on jobs you can do online to earn money. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your niche while at it.

1. Online freelancing.

This is one of the best ways to make money online. The biggest advantage is that you get the chance to do projects for different companies at the same time without being limited to any geographical space. You can be a freelance graphic designer, programmer, web developer, writer, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2. Social media influencer

Yes! You can do more with your social media account. With a large followership, you stand a chance of receiving advertisement deals from big companies who run digital marketing campaigns for their products or services.

3. Book reviews

If you love reading, reviewing books online is another reliable way of making money. You can read several newly published books and submit reviews to online journals or review websites for money. You can check here for a list of websites which pay for  book reviews.

4.  Online boutiques

Even though this is one of the most commonest businesses online, it’s still an effective way of earning money. You can sell clothes and accessories online to a wide market by providing pictures of the products and creating a fast delivery service for orders.

5. Online translator or interpreter.

The world has become a global village – being able to speak another official language apart from English gives you an advantage, You can make a lot of money from taking up a translator or interpreter role online. There are a number of companies, foreign language students and tourists in need of such services. Check this website for opportunities available to you.

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