The advantages of e-learning cannot be overstated. Our recent post on E-Learning trends in 2022, shows clearly that several innovative learning technologies are being developed to make teaching and learning more progressive. We have undertaken two customer-based surveys to determine the most popular e-learning websites/best platforms that are affordable, and offer flexibility and autonomy to learners. 

We have categorised our results into three groups which are

  1. E-learning websites for children 
  2. E-learning websites for colleges and universities
  3. E-learning websites for IT and Web Development.

In the next posts, we will publish separate blogs with full reviews of the various websites in each of the above-mentioned categories. Keep an eye out.


Creating e-learning platforms for children requires more creativity because children have a shorter attention span than adults. Learning platforms for children must be captivating, engaging, and easy to navigate. There must also be strong security controls to block out content that is not age-appropriate. The following sites satisfy these conditions/qualities.


This website is best for children between 7 and 11 years. By making computer programming interesting and amusing, CodaKid intends to help children learn real-world skills such as perseverance, patience, and rationality. With a total of 55 computer coding courses, 225 online coding quests, and 650 computer coding challenges available, children get the opportunity to experience diverse learning activities.

Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share

This is an MIT-developed causal creative learning site for kids, with projects ranging from the solar system to paper planes to music synthesisers and more.

Study Jams!

This is a website for children who are auditory learners. Study Jams!, as the name suggests, uses a lot of lively, bubbly music to keep elementary and middle school students engaged throughout their learning period. It has brain-stimulating topics like fractions, volcanoes, anatomy, etc.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids seeks to have a beneficial impact on children’s attitudes toward education by getting them to associate learning with enjoyable games and quirky cartoons. Over 100 amazing educational activities and beautifully drawn films are available for your child to choose from.


Over 600,000 families trust and use Time4Learning as their homeschooling solution. They have specialized courses for each grade—Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, and High School—and they offer online education programs for PreK-12. They take pride in having a flexible and economical online program that is best suited for parents interested in homeschooling as well as students who are already homeschooled. 


Several students do not like colleges and universities because of how expensive and stressful they usually are. These E-Learning websites have provided relief for thousands of students because they provide a quality education through free to low-cost courses which are also time-flexible.

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy was one of the first online learning sites, providing free learning resources for students of all ages on a variety of topics, as well as free tools for teachers and parents to track and guide students’ progress. You can learn almost anything on this website.

Stanford Online 

This website has a collection of online courses marketed as “for anyone, anywhere, at any time.” The courses here are from diverse disciplines ranging from human rights to language, literature, economics, statistics, physics, engineering, software, chemistry, and many more.

Canvas Network 

Canvas Network provides primarily free online courses from a variety of colleges and institutions, as well as instructor-led video and text content and credential opportunities for certain programs. 


Coursera is a learning site that offers free audit courses from over 100 partners, including major universities from over 20 countries and non-university partners, as well as specializations, which group relevant courses together under a recommended sequence.

University of the People 

Tuition-free online courses are available through University of the People, with only a few minor payments required for approved degree programs (exam and processing fees). This online university is very promising and worth recognition.


As a growing web development company, our team is constantly learning and finding innovative ways to improve upon what we do. These websites among others have helped us and our clients

The “Hour of Code” initiative, which is targeted at educators as well as learners of all ages (4-104) who want to teach or learn computer programming but don’t know where to begin, is nowhere else but

Mozilla Developer Network

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) provides tutorials and learning tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Web development, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, and whether or not you’re using Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser.


Sitepoint’s Learnable provides a paid membership to an ebook library of content for desktops and tablets, as well as almost 5,000 video lessons (and associated code examples) covering software-related topics, including quizzes and certification.


Udacity provides training with purchasable certification and nano degrees. They focus on courses centered on skills sought after by Silicon Valley and other major tech businesses. With a monthly subscription, students receive free access to course materials (print, videos), and mentorship opportunities.


Skillcrush provides professional web design and development courses for anyone interested in the area, regardless of their background. It has short, easy-to-digest modules and 3-month Future Blueprints which is meant to assist students focus on their career goals.

Our team is happy to assist you in starting your educational journey. Feel free to contact us.