The Transformations being experienced in Remote Working have been triggered by the introduction of more sophisticated tools to empower workers and the growing demand of stakeholders in the industry.

To succeed on either side of the coin (employer / employee) when it comes to remote working , two key components must be of concern and under constant observation and improvements.

These two main components do not only apply to the ‘pros’ in the remote working culture as one may call it, but also those tasting it for the first time , or using it for longer periods than they usually have been doing over the years.


1-PASSWORD – With the increasing demand to work from home , comes an increase in cloud-based systems families and companies tend to use. 1Password allows you to store all passwords to these numerous systems in one-place , allowing you to seamlessly log-in without a hustle.


ADOBE CONNECT – Meet with up-to 25 people for free online from now till the 1st of July, 2020 with Adobe Connect.

The Right Tools & an Updated Soft Skill-set Can Make a Huge Difference!


ZOHO – Get to use a whole suite of remote-working tools from Zoho for free till the 1st of July and keep your business and meetings alive.


BOX – A perfect place to store and share all your business files and the best part is it comes with a whole 90-day free trial till the 1st of July, 2020.

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VIDEO CHAT SKILLS – Employees and Team-Members must quickly upgrade their knowledge of the commonly used or available video chat tools; Zoom , GoToMeeting, etc , on the market. The rules of engagement and understanding of the basic settings is also crucial.


REGULAR ENGAGEMENT – The absence of physical contact needs to be replaced with more and frequent engagements to keep everyone up to speed and well-informed about the dynamics being introduced into the businesses strategy to enable to survive these difficult times. This could help manage your meeting schedules better.

In conclusion, give them the tools they need , get them to master how to use them efficiently- these tools are going to stay with us for long, even after this crisis. Assign tasks and be very specific when doing so in terms of expectations and the resource to complete the task – it helps with monitoring.

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