Businesses are migrating to online platforms as the world grows increasingly digital. As a result, web development has become one of the most prominent fields in the tech industry. As a corollary, web developers are in high demand, making it a lucrative career option for many individuals from diverse educational/professional backgrounds.

The high demand for web developers also makes it a very competitive field. To succeed, one must be up to date with trends in the industry and experienced with executing many relevant web development projects. We know how difficult it is to work on projects so we are here to help! Our list of best web development project ideas will get you started. 


Our list of web development project ideas is suitable for both beginners and intermediate developers.

Giphy API

Giphy is an American online database that allows users to search for and share short looping videos with no sound that resemble animated GIF files. This project entails creating a web application that displays GIFs on a webpage using search inputs and the Giphy API. This is a great beginner-level project in which you rebuild the Giphy website using the Giphy API. We recommend using the Giphy API because it does not require an API key to use. Another benefit of using the Giphy API is that while requesting data, you don’t have to bother about configuration. You can utilize the Giphy API to create a web application with a search field for users to find specific GIFs, a column/grid structure for trending GIFs, and a load more option at the bottom to search for more GIFs.

JavaScript Drawing

JavaScript is a programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and CSS. All major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine that executes the code on users’ devices. This project was inspired by CodePen’s Infinite Rainbow. It employs JavaScript as a painting tool to bring HTML and CSS elements to life in a web browser. The nicest part about this project is that you can use JavaScript’s awesome drawing libraries, such as oCanvas, Canviz, Raphael, among others.

Landing Page for a Product

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” or “single property page”, is a single web page that appears when a user clicks on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion,  or an online advertisement. Landing pages are used to generate leads. The conversion rate of an advertiser is determined by the actions that a visitor takes on a landing page. A landing page can be a single page or part of a microsite on a company’s main website. You’ll need a good understanding of HTML and CSS to create a website’s product landing page. For this project, you’ll design columns and align the components of the landing page within them. You will also have to perform basic editing tasks like cropping, resizing images, and using design templates to make the layout more appealing.

Exit Intent Plugin

The exit intent plugin allows site visitors to sign up for updates, which enhances the likelihood of them returning. This plugin can also be used to present appealing offers that will entice people to return to that website.  For this project, you will use your JavaScript skills to create a compelling exit widget or plugin that will keep a user on a site or entice him to return after exiting the page. 

Tribute Page

A tribute page is essentially a webpage dedicated to someone or something you appreciate, admire, love, or respect. It could be a person, a favorite pet, or even a painting. A tribute page is an excellent project for honing your HTML and CSS skills. For this project, you will create a webpage where you can publish a tribute dedicated to someone or something special. In addition to the tribute write-up, you would have to include relevant images, links, and other information on the page. This is a very exciting project you should definitely try.


We hope you like our list of the best web development project ideas. All of the projects on our list are pretty simple, making them ideal for freshers who are just getting started in the web development field. It is essential to select web development project ideas that are suitable for your skill level. You can begin by working on beginner-level JavaScript projects before progressing to more advanced JavaScript projects. Working on these projects will allow you to broaden your skill set while also improving your professional portfolio. With businesses looking to expand, a comprehensive combination of professionals skilled in all layers of the engineering process is always in demand.

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